Get The Look: Gingham

Gingham is currently all over the high street at the moment. It is probably the most ‘on trend’ print of the Summer so far. But not just in the regular tops and blouses like last time gingham was the print to wear. Gingham can be spotted printed onto skirts, trousers, shorts and tunics, as retailers take full advantage of the classic checkered print, as the customers just cannot get enough! If you’re not already stocking gingham styles in your retail shop, then make sure you jump in the car and get down to your womens wholesale clothing stockist, immediately, to buy! Before you do here is a step by step look at how to wear your gingham styles this Summer…

The Coat: The trench coat or raincoat. Perfect for wearing with some nice tailored trousers and a white blouse. A blazer in gingham would also look great paired with the same styles. You will be able to pick any of these styles of coat up from the majority of the womens wholesale stockists that you would normally visit.

The Trousers: A flared trouser always works when wore with a pair of nice wedges and a plain crop top. Perfect for festival season. You can also take the smarter look by wearing some gingham tailored trousers with some open toe heels and a smart shirt blouse. A great look for hitting the town with friends.

The Skirt: The gingham skirt is perfect for the hot weather. Wear them with some trainers to keep it casual. A great alternative look. Or wear a beautiful belted A-line shape skirt with some high heels and a shirt blouse to keep it sophisticated.

I hope these tips help you out to take full advantage of this timeless print. This print is simply too good to ignore, so be sure to hit your wholesale clothing suppliers sooner rather than later so you and your customers don’t miss out