Get The Look: Stripes

Stripe Collections

If you hadn’t noticed already, stripes are back in fashion. Although, i don’t think they ever really go away. But there seems to be a new breed of the classic stripe look, that’s showing up on the high street. Bold, vibrant colours are taking over. Vertical, horizontal, 60s inspired retro colours, multi stripe prints, the list is endless and they are perfect for the Summer season. Anything with bright colours is a good thing when the weather is so nice outside, isn’t it? You would do really well to visit one of your womens wholesale clothing suppliers and not stumble across a multitude of different, beautiful colours and a wide variety of stripy goodness!

Stripes,  one of the most versatile, sophisticated prints around.  They have been a classic staple of the fashion world for decades. But this time round the burst of colour that have been injected into the print have made stripes more fun! Flared trousers, culotte trousers, shirt blouses, blazer jackets, casual tops, bardot tops, all look fantastic in stripes and can be seen being sold on the high street, right now! If you are not already stocking these vibrant stripe prints then make sure you get out there and do so, immediately. Your customers will thank you for it.