The Summer Dress

We all have that one part of our body that we want to show off and put on full display when Summer finally arrives. For some, it’s their toned legs, while for others, it’s their waistline. Below is a guide to all the shapes that will best show off your best attributes and what you need to buy from your womens wholesale suppliers to stock up for the Summer.

Summer dresses are a great way to highlight your favorite features, effortlessly. They’re easy enough to throw on during those lazy mornings when you don’t want to spend hours trying to figure out what to wear, but you’ll look so put together, nobody will know it took you mere minutes to get ready.

An easy way to show off your toned arms is by wearing a one-shouldered or spaghetti-strapped dress. Or to accentuate your waistline you can opt for a belted A-Line dress that pinches in round the waist. If its your legs you want to show off then there are two styles of dresses you can choose from to put your legs on full display. You can either opt for short Summer dresses or go for a long one that features a thigh-high split. And last but not least, you can’t talk about Summer dresses without mentioning the classic off-the-shoulder look. Give your Summer wardrobe the cold shoulder with the very on trend bardot look.

As a retailer these shapes are a must this season, so when you next visit your womens wholesale supplier to do some buying, be sure to get all the dress shapes mentioned above so your customers can show off their best features while the weather is so lovely!