Slip Into Silk

When i think of luxury, i think of silk. It is sleek and stylish and is a wonderful representation of Italian elegance and sophistication. Italy, is one of the most famous fashion countries in the world and they produce so of the finest silk garments on the market. Each garment they produce are utterly luxurious and crafted with exceptional materials that feel incredible against your skin. Silk is a marvellous way to add a little bit of glamour to your wardrobe; elegant, stylish and beautiful. Silk garments are imported directly from Italy to your local womens wholesale clothing suppliers. Silk is fantastic fabric to wear throughout the Summer so be sure to stock up while the weather is so beautiful. Most womens clothing wholesalers in the UK will import these styles so be sure to keep an eye out for them on your next buying trip.

Silk is a material that lives, and breathes. Unlike a cheap material, silk will last, when cared for properly. Silk is for everyone. It has a vivacity and luxuriousness unlike any other natural material.

Silk can also be teamed up with other fabrics to make some of the best styles you can get your hands on for the Summer season. Team it up with lace to give the garment the extra WOW factor. You will also find a lot of silk garments mixed with viscose. This gives the style a lot more breathability which is ideal for the hot Summer days. Why not try and mix a printed silk top or tunic with some Italian linen trousers. Even though you might be at home, you can always try to look like your in Milan, at least! So get down to your womens wholesale clothing suppliers and bring a touch of Italy to your retail store.