Cool Colour Trends

In many clothing business, whether that be wholesale clothing, retail outlets or even online boutiques; following colour trends and patterns is a great tool to use, especially when merchandising your stock. The big companies will go as far as to hire in companies to design their displays for them when a switch of season window display is needed. So this tells us how important it can be and how much of an impact it can have on drawing customers into your business. A great visual display is a fantastic weapon to use, and the main feature of this will be which colour scheme you decide to go with.

Each season tends to have an ‘in trend’ colour pallet. That can be light pastel colours in Spring/Summer or washed earthy colours in the Autumn/Winter such as mocha/coffee. To use these to your advantage it is always wise to try and establish early in the season what these ‘in trend’ colours will be and dedicate a part of your buying on those colours specifically. Obviously once the influx of colour starts to hit your shop floor, always team it up with a great display (in store and window displays) to really catch the eye of passing potential customers. If the window display is mismatched or unprofessional it can easily be enough to persuade a potential customer to keep on walking onto the next store