Basic Fashion

What is the one area of fashion that most small retailers tend to ignore? BASICS! What are basics? Even the word ‘basic’ should indicate it is a mandatory staple for whatever the business may be.

In the fashion industry, the term ‘basic’ normally refers to under garments. For example a camisole vest, long sleeve tee, or even leggings etc. Basics can be spruced up by adding bits of lace or crochet, experimenting on shapes and styles etc. But i would always advise to be conscious of buying and selling price. The competition in the market can be quite tough, but a lot of people will be aware that the cheaper the price in the major outlets, usually means the poorer the quality.

So do not be afraid to add a range of these basics to your store. The amount of times these garments are worn, most of people are happy to pay that little bit extra for a lot better quality. The better the quality of the garment the longer the item will last. And people are aware of this.

These basics can also be a great and inexpensive way of adding colour and vibrancy to your displays or shop floor in general. So while they may not be generating enough sales to secure your retirement, they can prove very handy in many aspects. So my advice to any new budding retailer is…BASICS first!