The Summer Dress

What has been the dress off this summer? Here at zuppe clothing company it has definitely been our classic knee length floral range. We have been experimenting with this shape throughout the season, as we do most years. The knee length dress is such a great shape for the elegant but also extravagant . Experimenting with prints and designs, the good old fashion floral print usually comes out on top. Obviously when i say ‘floral print’ this can still mean a huge variety of different prints. There can be jungle themed floral prints, soft watercolour floral prints, rose prints, tulip….. The list is literally endless. But there is something about a nice and classy floral print that will never grow old. But of course more importantly, always sells!

The success of this classic summer dress comes from generations before us introducing it to the fashion industry. The knee length dress is great because it covers a lot of age categories. No matter what the age, for certain occasions a knee length floral dress is the perfect ‘go to’ look. So 90% of ladies wardrobes will have one included, make sure it is one of yours!